OC History

The Oakville Club Manifesto
For over a century, entire families have become active participants in sport, recreation and social activities at The Oakville Club.  It is part of our waterfront charm to offer racquet sports, fitness, yachting, swimming, special events, children’s programs, and both casual and event dining.

While the activities may be the draw; it’s the camaraderie and friendships that members say keep them here for life. For many, the Club has become a primary source of community connection and fulfillment.

Through constant open dialogue between our Members, Staff, Board and Community, we can provide our evolving membership with the most enriching Club experiences possible. Building on our traditions, we are a modern, accessible and lively place – truly an oasis in your own Community and one that brings a welcome sense of belonging from your first visit.

Our History

Just over a century ago, our historic Oakville Club building was one of five bustling granaries lining the banks of the Sixteen Mile Creek. The Oakville Club building has a colourful history. Built in 1854 by a group of “barn farmers” from the United States, the original granary was owned by Oakville merchant, Obadiah Marlat. Although historical accounts differ, it is possible that the building stands of the foundation of a warehouse constructed in 1828 by Oakville’s founder William Chisholm. The warehouse changed hands for the last time in 1907 when it became home to the newly formed Oakville Club.

Members immediately began renovating the old granary to accommodate their interest. Canoeing regattas, Tennis tournaments and Saturday night dances became regular events and made the Club a very popular meeting place. In the early years, two short length bowling alleys were installed on the ground floor in what is affectionately known as Peacock Alley. The bowling alleys were removed in 1927 to allow access to the new Badminton courts which was originally a surplus World War 1 airplane hangar used for agricultural displays at the old Oakville Fair Grounds at Rebecca and Kerr.

The easterly portion of the clubhouse was altered in 1948 to improve kitchen, office and bar facilities. Recent years have witnessed the addition of the swimming pool and deck area. The decade of the Nineties opened yet another chapter of growth and changes the Club, as the latest renovation plans got underway. To keep with the trends of health and fitness in the 90’s, we opened our Fitness Centre in October 1998. This rounded out our Club’s facilities. On April 3rd 2004, the River Bar & Restaurant opened. This new renovation gives our Members a more efficient service and a wonderful water view making this the prettiest casual dining setting in Oakville. This project included the redesigned, new Main Lounge Deck featuring an all glass railing that presents Members with a feeling of sitting on the top deck of a cruise ship. In 2007 the Club celebrated its 100th anniversary. Members, their friends and family enjoyed special events throughout the year to commemorate this special milestone.