Mooring in 16 Mile Creek

16 Mile Creek – Oakville Yacht Squadron, Oakville Club & Town of Oakville

Oakville Yacht Squadron & Oakville Club moorings are located on 16 Mile Creek. The Town of Oakville operates slips which are directly adjacent to OYS and OC, some of which may also be used by LYRA 2019 visitors. All moorings at OYS and OC are Mediterranean style moorings, whilst many of the slips in the Town Harbour have finger docks with either port or starboard tie ups. For 16 Mile Creek depths refer to the lower diagram. Most vessels with draft over 7 feet will be mooring at Bronte Harbour.

OYS has a modern boom-type dry sail crane of 4000lb capacity, and a mast crane capable of lifting 1000lb. Boats which arrive on trailers may be launched using the crane providing they are within the capacity. The OYS boat crane will be operated only by certified individuals and at times approved by the Harbourmaster.

By boat, the Oakville Lighthouse (FR) on the south end of the east pier of 16 Mile Creek is N 43 26 21.9 W 79 39 56.5

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2018 Depth soundings of 16 Mile Creek / Oakville Harbour. Click image for a larger view.