Dockage, Mooring & Crane Information

Dockage for 2019 LYRA Race Week will be available to paid registrants, at 5 close-proximity facilities in 2 harbours. We anticipate having ample availability of dockage for our fleets. Dockage will be available on a first come, first served basis. Deep draft vessels (~7’+) will mostly be located in Bronte Harbour (on Bronte Creek) at either Bronte Harbour Yacht Club and Bronte Outer Harbour Marina. Depending availability deep draft vessels may be required to pay an additional mooring fee. Shallower draft vessels (~under 6′) will moor on 16-Mile Creek at either Oakville Yacht Squadron or Oakville Club, or at moorings managed by the Town of Oakville.

As part of their arrival information, boats coming to LYRA on trailers will be instructed where they will launch and store, either at OYS or BHYC, both of which have crane launching facilities. Our partners at Bronte Outer Harbour Marina have travel lift services for larger boats and will be offering bottom washing for those who wish to take advantage.

Mooring at 16 Mile Creek

Mooring at Bronte Harbour