Course Racing & Fleets

Handicap and One Design Racing at 2019 LYRA Race Week

IRC and PHRF boats participate in LYRA Race Week in all events – Course Racing and the Long Distance events. 2019 LYRA Race Week will feature 2-day and 3-day W/L Course Racing for IRC, PHRF and One Design fleets, from August 2-4, 2019. There will be Flying Sails and Non Flying Sails fleets in PHRF, with fleet splits to suit boats of all ratings and sizes. Non-Flying Sails Course Racing for PHRF boats (PHRF-NFS) is 2 days (Saturday & Sunday). All other boats will have 3 days of Course Racing: Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Olson 30’s must register for 3 days of Course Racing but will race W/L on Friday & Sunday and have their Long Distance race on Saturday. We expect to have 3 or 4 circles for Course Racing, and the racing area will be just south of the two Oakville harbours.

One Design Fleets participate primarily in Course Racing. One Design boats are also invited to participate in the Long Distance Races: 100-Mile Race, Founders Cup Races, Centennial Cup Race, Freeman Cup Races and may do so provided they have PHRF or IRC rating certificates, meet the applicable Offshore Safety Regulations and are a member of a recognized yacht club.

Course Racing Results

One Design Fleets at 2019 LYRA Race Week

Currently we are expecting the following One Design fleets – and these fleets are designated on the registration pages: 8mR Class, Etchells, J/27, J/80, Laser 28, Olson 30, R-Class.

If you are a fleet representative interested in bringing a One Design fleet to 2019 LYRA Race Week we may be able to accommodate you, please contact our One Design liaison Luc D’Aoust – see contact page.

2019 LYRA Race Week is pleased to have J/80 Fleet 20 join us this year. The J/80 is the fastest growing one design sport boat fleet on Lake Ontario with 24 members. In 2017-18,  6 boats joined the fleet. Hosting of the 2016 J/80 North American Championship at National Yacht Club in Toronto brought a bigger burst of J/80s on our lake than ever before.

The J/27 fleet established a secure foothold at Oakville Yacht Squadron some years ago and they are showing no signs of letting go. Multiple boats compete at OYS club nights and events and they will be joined by several more from Lake Ontario points east and south.

LORCA – The Lake Ontario R Class Association – is dedicated to the management and promotion of the sailing and restoration of classic R-Class yachts on Lake Ontario. R-Class boats have been competing in LYRA almost as long as the event has been running and we are delighted to have them with us again in 2019.

The International Eight Metre fleet will bring the majesty and history of LYRA to Oakville in August of 2019. No boats connect LYRA to our 134-year long history quite like the 8mR’s and their siblings the R-Class.

The Olson 30 fleet have been active on Lake Ontario since the mid 1990’s. One of the original Santa Cruz Ultralights, the Olson 30 is a boat that consistently punches above it’s weight for fun and performance. 2019 will be a special event for the fleet as they celebrate their 40th anniversary with a combined National / North American Championship presented by Ullman Sails Cleveland.

Laser 28 resurgence on Lake Ontario! We’ve had our Laser 28 for about 8yrs now, what an incredible boat she is. It’s been encouraging & exciting to see more pop up all over the lake. There is a very active fleet on the west end organizing events and series racing. We have 3 in the Pultneyville/Sodus area. With the growth we have seen over the last few years, I felt inspired to promote the boats on the lake and maybe get some more. I also wanted to honour Ian Bruce who was instrumental in promoting and manufacturing these gems back in the 80’s. I am deeding a gift of “The Ian Bruce Laser 28 Cup” This will be a perennial cup managed by the Lake Ontario fleet and will be awarded for the first time at the 2019 LRYA in Oakville, ON. I’m looking forward to this event, see you there!

Jon P. Flowerday, Pandora USA167

Honorary Past President LYRA

The Etchells Class will be well represented at 2019 LYRA Race Week. OYS has a significant fleet on it’s own and we expect a good showing of boats from the north and south shores of Lake Ontario and beyond for the Etchells Great Lakes Championship.